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Meet David Spring

Personal History

I am a parent and teacher from North Bend, where I have lived for more than 20 years. My daughter, Sierra, is a 6th Grader and Honors student at Twin Falls School. I have been a volunteer at her schools since she was in Kindergarten. I helped build the school playground and I have served as the Legislative Chairperson for our Elementary School PTA. My daughter and I were also involved in YMCA Adventure Club. Sierra is an avid soccer player in the Snoqualmie Valley Soccer League.

Education and Work History

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Science Education from Washington State University and a Master’s Degree in Education and Child Development from the University of Washington. After graduating from WSU, I served as a VISTA volunteer developing an alternative educational program for at-risk youth in Rapid City, South Dakota.

I then spent over 20 years teaching, mainly at Bellevue College, where I taught courses in problem solving and conflict resolution. I am also a ski instructor, climbing instructor and climb leader. I have successfully and safely led over 100 teams of climbers to the summit of Mount Rainier. I therefore know how to lead teams confronted with difficult circumstances and keep them moving towards a goal in the face of adversity. I am also a former Rescue Leader with King County Search and Rescue. Because of my search and rescue work and my courses at Bellevue College, I have appeared on the Front page of the Seattle Times, and other local papers on several occasions. These articles focused on my courses or rescue activities as having “saved lives” of people caught in wilderness emergencies.  

I am also a successful small business owner. I started an outdoor store called Wilderness Sports, in Bellevue, with only $12,000 in 1985, which grossed over a half million dollars a year within 5 years. I eventually sold this business and used the proceeds to build my home in North Bend. I am also a union member and have been for more than 20 years.

More recently, I was an Educational Researcher at the University of Washington under a grant from the National Science Foundation. I have also taught courses in Web Design and Development at Seattle Central Community College and I do consulting work on website design and development (See my website: springforwardwebdesign.org).

I am currently the Director of the Fair School Funding Coalition, which is a non-profit educational organization devoted to restoring school funding in Washington State to at least the national average without raising taxes on our poor or middle class.

I am also a leader of the Washington Public Bank Coalition, together with my partner, Elizabeth Hanson – and hundreds of other concerned citizens across Washington State.Like me, Elizabeth has a Master’s Degree in Education and has been a Community College instructor for more than 20 years. Elizabeth runs our Public Bank website, wapublicbankproject.org,  and has a Facebook blog called Occupy the Money System.

David Spring, M. Ed., and Elizabeth Hanson, M. Ed.,
Members of the Washington Public Bank Coalition

Creation of a Public Bank would save our tax payers billions of dollars in interest payments now going to Wall Street banks. It would also cut the cost of building public schools and roads by almost 50% by lowering the interest rate – and it would create tens of thousands of jobs. In the 2012 legislature, our bill to create an Investment Trust (House Bill 2434) got 44 co-sponsors in the House of Representatives and 12 co-sponsors in the Washington State Senate. For more information on the benefits of a public bank, visit our website: wapublicbankproject.org 

My daughter Sierra meets Ellen Brown, the national leader of the Public Bank Movement at a Conference on Public Banking at the University of Washington, October, 2011.

Community Service

I have served as a volunteer on King County and Washington State planning commissions. In the 1990’s, I served for two years on the King County Middle Fork Commission which planned the future of the Snoqualmie Middle Fork Valley. As part of this work, I conducted a study of the decline in population of the Northern Spotted Owls. This study concluded that spotted owl population was declining at a much faster rate than had been claimed by the State and federal government. The State had claimed that owls were declining at a rate of 1% per year. But my study showed they were declining at a rate of more than 5% per year. This study was one of many documents submitted in federal court by the Northwest Ecosystem Alliance, the Audubon Society and the Sierra Club to oppose the Washington State NDR Habitat Conservation Plan. I helped to lay the ground work for adding the Pratt River Valley to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area and DNR lands that have now been set aside as critical habitat for endangered species.

In 2007, I was also appointed by Governor Gregoire to serve on the Washington State Child Support Work Group where I served for over a year and produced a series of studies on the cost of child rearing. Portions of my studies and recommendations were incorporated in the Child Support bill which passed the Washington State legislature in 2009.

Political Background
I am a lifelong Democrat and have been a PCO for my precinct for many years. In 2008, after my school district suffered three consecutive school bond failures in a row, I ran for the State legislature in order to increase school funding. Despite running as a Democrat in a heavily Republican District, and being out spent more than ten to one, I nearly defeated the 8-year Republican incumbent getting 6,000 more votes than any Democratic legislative candidate has ever gotten in East King County.

In the 2010 Primary election, our band of local volunteers shocked the State again by defeating a corporate backed Democrat by thousands of votes – despite being outspent by more than 25 to 1.

I am currently the 5th Legislative District Representative to the King County Democratic Party Central Committee, the Training Advisor for the King County Democrats and a member of the Board of the Washington State Progressive Caucus.

This year, I am running again and working hard to win the General Election. I have knocked on more doors than any legislative candidate in the history of the 5th LD and I have a large group of supporters – most of whom are concerned parents. If you would like to join our campaign to restore school funding and rebuild our economy, email us. Together we can bring back a government of the people, by the people and for the people.


David Spring, M. Ed.,

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