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Rein in Out of Control Corporate Corruption

“What we are witnessing here is a corporate crime wave.”  Ralph Nader May 2011

The first step in solving a problem is recognition that the problem exists. This can be a challenge when the corporate media does everything they can to distract us from knowing about the amount of theft going on around us. Almost all the information we receive has been altered to manipulate public opinion. What we need are some simple facts. In the following 9 articles, we will attempt to summarize some of the most important economic problems facing the American people, assess the scope and scale of the crimes being committed, and identify possible solutions for returning our country and our economy to prosperity. Click on any of the 9 boxes below to learn just how much wealthy multinational corporations are stealing from us!

Record Corporate Bribery

cc01x150Corporations spend millions buying elections and bribing politicians. 



Trillion Dollar Corporate Oil Wars

w02x140Our nation spends a trillion a year on war… more than the rest of the world combined!


Record Health Care Cost

h04x150It is morally wrong to allow corporations to make record profits by killing people.         READ MORE...

Record Corporate Welfare

cb05x150Corrupt Politicians return the favor by giving corporations billions of dollars in tax breaks.

Record Economic Inequality

e05bx150Concentration of wealth is higher than it has been since the 1929 Crash.


Record Home Foreclosures

f09x150More than 100,000 homes sit empty while thousands are now homeless.


Record Bank Bailouts

b01x150Big banks got trillions of dollars in bailouts while Main street got sold out. 

Record Unemployment

u07x150Our State has four million workers but only three million jobs for a REAL unemployment rate of 25%! READ MORE...

Record Gas Prices

g02x150Gas prices have doubled and oil company profits have tripled!